Undervalued Fantasy Players

Updated: 7/26/2018

Undervalued players are players that are being drafted later than their rank should justify. For example, if a player is ranked 40th on our player list in a perfect world it would mean that player would be drafted with the last pick of the 4th round in a 10 team league, or pick number 40. If they are drafted significantly later than the 40th pick then the player is being undervalued. This makes that player a great value (if we trust the projections), because their performance should exceed other players we could have chosen with the same draft pick. The purpose of this article is to show which players are currently being undervalued according to their rank and average draft position. These will be players we will want to target to get optimal value out of our draft.

The data we are using comes from our sister site Fandraftic is an online web application to make fantasy drafting easier, but it allows us to easily see the overvalued players. We are using an average of the projections for the players from sites like ESPN, Sportsline, Numberfire, etc and applying them to the default Yahoo scoring and roster type for a 10 team league. The average draft position data comes from Anyway, enough about that, let's get started.

Player Team/Position Rank ADP Notes
Rob Gronkowski Patriots/TE 13 23 I love Gronk, but I don't think I've had him on a roster since his rookie year. It seems everytime I'm willing to draft Gronk he is picked up by someone else. This year though it seems that there may be a little more flexibility as he is projected to be the 13th most valuable player, but isn't being drafted until #23. Now that's good value.
Tom Brady Patriots/QB 22 49 Maybe it is because he is 41 years old, but it seems that fantasy drafters aren't giving Tom Brady the credit the projections believe he deserves. If you can draft Brady around his ADP you will be getting a player that should have been drafted two rounds earlier based on his ranking.
Russell Wilson Seahawks/QB 23 55 Russell Wilson is looking very similar to Brady here. Ranked #27, but is currently being drafted at the #55 pick. Pick up those RBs and WRs in the 3rd - 5th rounds as our numbers are telling us you can possibly have Russell Wilson in the 6th.
Evan Engram Giants/TE 46 64 I had Engram on a few rosters last year, and with where I picked him up it was super value. This year the value will not be as great, but is still looking good. According to ADP Engram should be dropping off the board at beginning to middle of the 7th round.
Golden Tate Lions/WR 54 66 Golden Tate is projected to do a little better than his teammate Marvin Jones (#56), but Tate can be snatched up on average with the 66th pick.
Michael Crabtree Ravens/WR 61 74 Most of the wide receivers that were in Baltimore last year are no longer there giving Michael Crabtree the opportunity for targets. Drafters may be depending on the idea that wide receivers are usually a disappointment after they change teams, but someone has to catch those passes and there isn't a lot of competition.
Robby Anderson Jets/WR 70 100 The Jets are a team that not many are expecting much from, but a result of that there is value to be had with Robby Anderson. With an ADP 30 spots later than his rank Robby Anderson can be a late round pick that nudges you towards that championship this year.

We're still pretty early with the projections and the ADP values so hopefully we'll see a fair amount of movement in the next few weeks as new news comes out. Check back for updates, or go to to see the complete rankings.